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I got started with Android after I got my first smartphone, the original Motorola Droid. I wanted to learn how to program for it, so I found a course online and wrote it up for an extra credit on my 2nd C# class. This forced me to learn Java and how to use Eclipse. Now, I freelance write and maintain basic Android apps.

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Rules of the Road Pro

This simple application allows the user to study the Rules of the Road directly from United States Coast Guard test bank. The 1254 questions include all the pictures as provided with the official test. In addition, tips for the test are provided on startup (e.g. Key phrases to memorize.) This app does not use the Internet, so it works great on airplane mode when you are in the middle of the ocean.

Other features include: a low light setting, a glossary of terms, a breakdown of the hierarchy of vessels (Rule 18), cheatsheets for sound signals (Rules 24 & 25), direct navigation to specific questions, a picture gallery and quiz settings.

This app is available exclusively in the Android Market for 99 cents (USD).

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Rules of the Road Lite

This app, the free version of the Rules of the Road Pro, is limited to just the quiz questions and the tips.

This application has been recognized as a "5 stars Reviewers' choice" on

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This application takes its inspiration from my favorite webcomic, xkcd. Specifically "Working."

People frequently drive out of their way just to save a few cents per gallon. Are you really saving any money that way? This app quickly calculates how far out of the way you can go before you lose money by burning more fuel getting there.

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one plus one

This application was developed for Hatua International. It allows a user to login and see how many total meals they have have shared and share more! Also, a contact page allows the user to use a variety of methods to contact the organization.

This application and all related source code is the property of Hatua International, inc. Through agreement with them, I am still allowed to claim authorship as well as maintain my own copies of the code.